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Mindhunters season 2 release date: When can I see it? Its psychological Thriller. Netflix officially confirmed a second season on November 30, but without any confirmation of a release date.

Director and exec producer David Fincher recently talked about the show in terms of “next year”, implying he’d be filming in 2018, which would further imply that the second season would drop towards the end of the year, much like season one.

“SNOWFALL” ON THE FX NETWORK. The FX Network’s original programming for the summer includes ten episodes of the one-hour drama “Snowfall,” which is ambitiously tagged as the story of how crack had its roots in South Central Los Angeles during the summer of 1983. The series is ambitious because it runs several subplots and storylines designed to eventually meld into one coherent story of the epidemic of an illicit street drug devastating impoverished neighborhoods.

At the heart of the story is young African-American Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), a streetwise entrepreneur even though he attended upscale schools in the Valley. His ticket to the big leagues of the drug world comes from a school friend.
Showing courage or dangerous nerve, Franklin convinces gun-happy Israeli drug cartel boss Avi Drexler (Alon Moni Aboutboul) to advance a kilo of cocaine that he must turn around in a day to repay a debt of $12,000.

Meanwhile, Carter Hudson’s Teddy McDonald, a CIA operative banished to Los Angeles from the East Coast after a mysterious misstep in the past, is anxious to get back in the spy game by hooking up with Nicaraguan rebels fighting the Sandinistas.

Enter Juan Javier Cardenas’ Alejandro Usteves, a Contra soldier and pilot eager to reclaim the life that was taken from him by Daniel Ortega’s overthrow of the Somoza family’s rule in the Central American nation. If anything, “Snowfall” may unleash anew more conspiracy theories about the CIA and drug trafficking to finance rebel operations. You can check online for a variety of news reports to support or debunk allegations.

And yet, there are other story strains running through this new series, from Lucia Villanueva (Emily Rios), the daughter of a Mexican crime lord entering the more profitable sale of hard drugs, to Mexican wrestler Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mancheta) becoming the gang’s enforcer. “Snowfall” may require patience of the viewers to hang in for the long haul to see where the story either congeals or unravels. But it could be an interesting ride.